Tuesday, January 18, 2022

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Welcome to the Celebes Global Act (CEGAT), Indonesia. CEGAT is a not-for-profit organisation that offers global communities opportunities to engage and help local communities.

Our organisation aims to improve education and well-being of our local communities. To achieve these goals, we organise global volunteers and aids to be assigned and deployed in our projects, while also working with NGOs, business and corporate, government agencies and funders.

CEGAT’s vision is: A world where global and local connection create productive future generation.

These are our main projects:


Our organisation offers a range of opportunities for global community to share knowledge, skills and experiences and foster linkages with people and organisations in our local communities.


We also welcome supports in the form of grants, donations or material contributions (e.g. reading books, stationeries, school packs etc). Your supports will help us in delivering more good causes to those who need it most. Please contact us to discuss this in more details or donate now to make a difference.

Our Programs